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Winding Down; Pokhara, Nepal

Looking to unwind after that extended trek through the Himalayas?

Have your legs given up on you?

Do you just want to find somewhere to hide away and relax for a while?

Spend some time in the city of Pokhara to do just that. Continue

Tibet Travel: How to Explore Bhaktapur, Nepal…

You might be keen to get hike the Himalayas when you visit Nepal.

You’ve seen Kathmandu and you’ve witnessed city life in the mountainous nation.

You’ve seen  modern existence in a metropolis.  But don’t be too rash.

Travel a mere 7.5 miles (12km) east of Kathmandu and you’ll come across the historic city of Bhaktapur.

Whether staying for the night or just making a day trip, Bhaktapur offers visitors a wide selection of sites in a relatively small area.


Wildlife Safaris in Chitwan Nepal…

Nepal’s wildlife is seldom discussed.  With attention focused on lofty peaks and historic cities, the diverse selection of animals are often overlooked.

However, the country has much to offer when it comes to sightseeing and safaris.  And no place is this more prevalent than at the Chitwan National Park.Continue

Highlights of Nepal’s Lesser Known Mountain Trek – The Annapurna Circuit…

The Annapurna Circuit.

A hike that’s forever been out shined by it’s taller brother – Everest.

But Everest is not for everyone.

For those looking for an enjoyable 18-21 day trek through the Himalaya without the hordes of crowds…

Consider hiking the Annapurna circuit…


Everest Base Camp; Lukla, Nepal

Everyone knows the tallest mountain in the world.

Mount Everest represents everything that travelers seek in an exhilarating and adventurous trip.  Mere thousands have summited the beast.  Hundreds of others have died trying.

Costing tens of thousands of dollars and taking years of preparation, the summit of Everest is not a feasible goal for those looking for a moderate adventure.  As an alternative, consider trekking to where the legendary climb begins, to Nepal’s Everest base camp.