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Magic Carpets and Bazaars: How to Shop Almaty Kazakhstan Markets

There’s nothing quite like a busy Sunday in the market. Hordes of people stuffed into a small area, pickpockets hoping to take avantage of the careless tourist, and street-level commerce in full swing.

And somewhere out there, amongst the stalls and the vendors, is that perfect buy.


Where Astana is Kazakhstan’s capital and is built up as such, travelers looking to get a sense of the nation’s traditional culture are often drawn towards Almaty. With a population of just under 1.5 million, the city has found a balance between modern conveniences and old ways.

Located towards the south of the nation, Almaty lies close to Kazakhstan’s border with Kyrgyzstan. As the weather only drops below freezing for a couple months, year-round travel is entirely possible.Continue

An Architectural Playground; Astana, Kazakhstan

Like a mirage of  modern architecture, Astana stands proud against the horizon.

Not limiting itself to one showpiece, the center of a nation has chosen to accept buildings of all shapes and sizes. And what’s more, each of these unique buildings serve a particular purpose, making use of their uncommon dimensions.

Make a trip to Astana to explore what happens when cities go wild.