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One Trip to India, One Life Changing Moment…

The windows rattled as the train made its way along the dusty tracks to the foothills of the Himalayas.

The sounds of ‘chai chai,’ flowed through the carriages as I sat wide-eyed taking in the scenes around me before the train arrived at what was to be my home for the next week.

The stench of urine was almost overpowering and I held my breath, trying not to step on figures who lay in stained rags asleep on the dirty floor.

I felt something brush my trousers and looked down expecting to see a stray dog sat before me. Instead I stood in shock at the sight of a torso on a make-shift skateboard staring back up at me. A sign asking for money hung around his neck and he looked at me with a sadness in his eyes.

‘I can’t do this,’ my mind screamed as I covered my face in my scarf, longing for the comfort of home but there was no going back…Continue

7 Must-See Attractions of Mysore India


They’re hard to miss with their khaki traveler pants, cameras dangling around the neck and noses buried in pages of maps and guide books.

But there’s an even worse dead give-away…

A bus tour.

And in most cases, guided bus tours are overpriced and a waste of time.

However, there is one exception…

Mysore India.

The bus tours in Mysore are exceptionally efficient, affordable and there is a high chance that you’ll be the only international tourist on the bus – giving you a chance to mingle with other Indian travelers.


Caves of Religious Coexistence; Ellora, India

Travelers visit religious sites expecting to find one specific representation.  Certain sites may have historical importance for two religions.  However, it’s unlikely that artifacts from three separate religions.

For such an occurrence to be possible, there would have to be incredible tolerance.  Such coexistence is rare.  Yet here it is at India’s Ellora Caves.

The Ellora Caves

Located only 19 miles (30km) out of Aurangabad, the Ellora site consists of a series of 34 caves representing Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism.  Having been built from the 7th to the 11th century, the caves were created to include temples and monasteries.


Enter Elephanta Caves; Mumbai, India

Typically you have to travel far away from a metropolis to view ancient artifacts lying in their original state.  As the city develops, it’s likely that any historical ruins were either destroyed or uprooted and put into a museum.

From Mumbai however, it’s only a short trip over to Elephanta Island, the setting for the historic Elephanta Caves.

From the Gateway to Mumbai, simply hop on the ferry and you’ll reach the island in about an hour.  From the ferry terminal, you need only walk under a mile (-1km) to reach the entrance of the caves.


Cave Hop Ajanta; Aurangabad, India

Enter a cave and there’s no telling what you will find.

Hidden treasures, sacred relics, and gateways to past civilizations are always a possibility. Once these caves are discovered it’s only a matter of time before people decide whether to plunder or preserve the artifacts.

In India’s Ajanta caves, the history of a civilization is maintained through preservation of sculptures, carvings, and murals.  The caves don’t require any spelunking equipment and are available for public viewing.

Travel towards Aurangabad to begin your journey…