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This No-Nonsense Author Shares Her Travel Stories…

When it comes to travel writing, it’s hard to get the real scoop.

Travel writers tend to overuse descriptions like charming, beautiful, quaint, vibrant, blah-blah-blah.

But what’s a destination really like?

Travel expert and author – Laurie Gough – will tell you.  Her travel stories and writing are engaging, straightforward and honest – the most lacking trait in writers today.

And luckily for us, we get a sneak peak at Laurie’s wild travel stories from her memoirs: Kite Strings of the Southern Cross: A Woman’s Travel Odyssey AND Kiss the Sunset Pig: An American Road Trip with Exotic Detours.

Not to mention…

Her answers to some tough questions like her least favorite travel destinations, most memorable travel moment, advice on packing, greatest lesson, and even some travel writing tips!

So get the travel low-down from Laurie in this exclusive interview…


Towards Tiger’s Nest; Paro Valley, Bhutan

A representative image of Bhutan could very well be a monastery.  It wouldn’t be just a typical monastery though.  It would likely be at least a few hundred years old.  And it would likely be perched on the side of a mountain.

The Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan’s Paro valley is the exact image you might have in mind.  Nestled some 3,000 feet (915m) above the ground below, the site provides both a challenging trek as well as a worthwhile goal. Continue

Trek Mount Chomolhari; Thimphu, Bhutan

Your lungs will be begging for oxygen as you continue to travel upwards…

Your legs will be aching and your knees will be shaking…

Despite this, you’ll continue the trek…

You’ve worked for days to reach the base of Mount Chomolhari.

When the time is right you’ll take a break and look out across the landscape.  You’ll pose for a picture at the edge of a narrow path.  You’ll understand why Bhutan deals in ‘Gross National Happiness’. Continue