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Temple Hunting; Taipei, Taiwan

Has the constant flow of traffic got your head spinning?  Have the sheer amount of vendors, buskers, and tourists overwhelmed your senses?  When you feel the need to pace yourself rest assured that in Taipei, you’re never far from refuge.

The rich history of Taiwan’s largest city brings with it some gifts for the weary traveler.  Countless temples can be found in public squares throughout the city.  A simple bit of research will help you determine which temples you might like to visit. Continue

Hiking through Taroko Gorge; Taiwan

Finding yourself wedged between two massive cliffs, you continue along the trail, unable to make any detours. With running water under your feet and clear skies above your head, the only way to go is forward. And push on you must.

Though a trip through the Taroko Gorge isn’t exactly a life or death scenario, it does make for an enjoyable day of exploration.

Taroko National Park

Located at Taiwan’s northern end, Taroko National Park covers a total area of around 355 square miles (920km2). Established in 1986, the region stands out amongst the island’s eight national parks. And why not? Centered around a massive gorge, Taroko offers scenic views, adventurous exploration, and a particularly well-placed shrine.Continue