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Attend the Mass Games; Pyongyang, North Korea

Perfectly orchestrated, the thousands of performers sway to the sounds of traditional music. Looking at the individual gymnasts, you find that each move is precise, each step is well-rehearsed, and each act is performed proudly.

As a singular performance the choreography would be impressive, but as a whole…well there are few words that can describe that.

North Korea

As one of the world’s most mysterious countries, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has a total population of over 24 million. The dictatorship is frequently in the news, however there are very few people who have seen the workings of daily life. And with travel conditions being both restrictive and heavily selective, your trip will unveil only what the authorities want you to see.

Unlike travel in most of the world, destinations are selected for you, rather than of your own choosing. Visitors sign up for a tour and are led to sites that glorify the nation’s historic roots. While not exactly the most exciting of trips, the chance to experience such a closed off country is one that should not be missed.


Teetering on the Brink; DMZ Korea

Staring into the distance, you face a line that can’t be crossed without creating an international incident. On the other side of that border is a nation that few will ever witness, let alone understand.

And yet in a region on constant alert, with tensions running high, there is hope that some day the line will be unnecessary. There is a belief, however minimal, that a nation once split will one day be reunified.Continue