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A Beginner’s Guide to Ulan Bator, Mongolia…

My name is Lisa Imogen Eldridge and I lived in Ulan Bator, Mongolia for one month.

Ulan Bator can best be described in these five words:

  • eye-opening;
  • modern;
  • fashion-conscious;
  • challenging; and
  • unique.

Women should consider visiting Ulan Bator because it is a very different Asian capital…


Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park; Mongolia

Head to where the desert meets the plain and where the plains meet the mountains.  To where wildlife is protected and where nomadic cultures thrive.  Head towards a microcosm of Mongolia.  Head to the Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park.

Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park

Mongolia’s largest national park is located to the west of the small town of Dalanzadgad.  Bordering China, the park encompasses an area stretching from the Gobi desert to the Altai mountains.

A trip to the park can be made worthwhile either by traveling independently or as part of an organized group.  While a planned tour will stick to the ‘must-see’ spots, an independent trip can encompass many more of the seldom traveled regions.Continue

The Naadam Festival; Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

While traveling through Mongolia, it might be hard to find some action.  With the lowest population density in the world, the country is serene, but doesn’t necessarily have much for those who are looking to party.

To get a sense of Mongolian culture and to join the masses for some fun, consider the Naadam festival.  The annual summer event provides an action-packed week where visitors will get an opportunity to both observe and explore. Continue

How to Trek the Altai Mountains without Falling Down

Mountains are often seen as dividers of countries.  Who needs an imaginary red line when you’ve got a massive mound of rock?

The Altai mountain range happens to serve as a dividing line between four countries: Kazakhstan, China, Russia, and Mongolia.

However, the Altais also symbolize something that these nations have in common.  Each country sees the mountain range for its scenic qualities, offering a wide range of trekking opportunities. Continue