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The Shocking Truth About Tokyo’s Love Hotels…

Love hotels.

No, you won’t be staying here with your extended family.

Yes, you can rent rooms by the hour.

No, you won’t be receiving room service.

Welcome to Tokyo and the often-used, seldom-talked about world of love hotels.

We hope you enjoy your stay. Continue

Celebrate Cherry Blossoms; Nara, Japan

To find an iconic image of Japan one needn’t look any further than the cherry blossom.  Every spring the pink petals of this treasured flower announce to us the passing of winter and the arrival of spring.  With a short blooming season, it takes a well-timed trip to Japan to capture the blossoms in their resplendent state.

While cherry blossoms can be found throughout Japan and beyond borders internationally, one of the best places to witness these national treasures is in Nara.


Shiretoko National Park; Utoro, Japan

To escape the crowds of Japan’s bustling metropolises one needs only to head north.  In the Shirotoko Peninsula, to the northeast of Hokkaido, a trip out-of-town will result in increasing solitude.  Continue towards the tip of the peninsula and even the roads will leave you behind.Continue

Visit a Maid Café; Tokyo, Japan

Had yourself a tough day? Wish you had someone to come home to? To wait on you hand and foot? Don’t have the cash to hire your own personal maid?

Well that’s no problem at all. Get yourself to one of Tokyo‘s maid cafés to enjoy not only top-notch service but also an experience you won’t soon forget. Continue

Festivals Aplenty; Sapporo, Japan

No matter what time of year you visit Japan’s 4th largest city, expect a celebration.

Sapporo, on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, is ripe with festivals that occur throughout the year honoring everything from ancient traditions to modern indulgences.

So head on over and join the party…Continue