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The Ultimate Guide to Hong Kong Shopping by Jayne Gorman

It’s famed as “The paradise of shopping.”

And as one of the most densely populated areas in the world – with seven million people – it’s no wonder Hong Kong takes the cake… or credit card (snark-snark).

In Hong Kong, shopping is a way of life.

With shopping areas, malls, department stores, and street markets there’s something for everyone.

And Jayne Gorman should know…

Jayne’s the Founder of Traveling Shopaholic and is our go-to gal for how to shop Hong Kong…


An Evening at the Happy Valley Racecourse; Hong Kong

Rising to your feet, you see the horses round the final corner and head down the homestretch. Gripping a ticket in your sweaty palm, you feel your heart rate increase. “C’mon number 4, go number 4!” And…

Number 6 wins it by half a length.

Hmmm, how long until the next race?

A night out in Hong Kong can go in any number of directions. Tourists might seek a high place to check out the city lights, while partiers could hit up the metropolis’ many bars and nightclubs, hoping to catch a buzz and dance the night away. But what about those of us who fit into neither one of those generalized categories?

Well, you could go to bed early and get a fresh start on the next day. But that’s no fun. As an option that is both entertaining and intriguing, consider spending an evening at the racecourse.


Perspectives of a Metropolis; Hong Kong City, China

A visit to Hong Kong City can be intimidating based on sheer size alone.

With thousands of skyscrapers and millions of people, this city (or Special Administrative Region) offers a rewarding trip for those who know how to navigate it.

By walking through the streets, navigating the surrounding seas, or heading high above the crowds, you can make sure that you get the most out of your time.Continue

Dragon Boat Racing; Hong Kong

In the heat of the moment your heart rate will increase.  Your introverted self will be forgotten as you get caught up in the competition.  You’re not paddling but you’re still physically exerting yourself.  Cheer on, you’re at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival.

History of the Festival

Celebrating a timeless legend based on a Chinese national hero, Qu Yuan, the Dragon Boat Festival (or Tuen Ng Festival) occurs annually on the fifth day of the fifth moon.  Drowning himself as a protest against the bleak future of his country, it is said that villagers made a last-ditch effort to save him.  Hopping in their boats and beating their drums to scare off the dragons, the rescuers did not arrive in time.

Since then, people have been honoring his memory by getting into their ornately decorated boats, banging their drums, and racing in his memory.


Delectable Dishes; Hong Kong, China

Tough time deciding what to eat?

Then maybe Hong Kong isn’t the place for you.

Whether you’re looking for a 5-star restaurant or just want some street eats to go, Hong Kong has whatever your stomach desires.  So pack up your appetite and head out on the town.

Delicious Diversity

After being colonized by the British, occupied by the Japanese, and becoming a Special Administrative Region of China, Hong Kong’s edible influences are incredibly diverse.

Chinese dishes, western plates, and fusion foods are readily available with a walk down any main street.  However long you’re staying in Hong Kong, be adventurous and have yourself a wide selection of meals.