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Fish Lake Kariba; Kariba, Zimbabwe

At the heart of Africa, beyond deserts and forests, past cities and settlements, is a man-made lake. This lake stretches across a border, providing a sufficient habitat and staggering scenery. The confines of the lake hold big fish and fresh waters.

The key fact about this lake is that it’s open to visitation. And a traveler like you can feel free to spend some times on its ample shores.Continue

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins; Zimbabwe

Proceeding below the massive stone walls, you might find yourself pondering options for renovations. A little landscaping here, a bit of stonework there, and you’d have yourself an African villa.

Unfortunately as a World Heritage Site, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins are to be looked at rather than manipulated. Continue

Matobo Hills & National Park; Zimbabwe

What makes an ideal camping trip?  Could a single destination offer exotic wildlife, ancient history, and scenic  landscapes?  Could the combination of these key features possibly be located a short distance from where you’ve pitched your tent?

When looking to make the most of your African camping experience, seek out Matobo National Park.Continue

The Great Victoria Falls; Zambia & Zimbabwe

With the entire width of the Zambezi River tumbling in one sheet of water into a chasm 360 feet (108m) below it can be hard to hear yourself think.

Victoria Falls is the world’s largest waterfall based on its width (1 mile/1.7km) and height and has recently been declared one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.Continue