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I Have Lived Through Danger and I Am Grateful For It

I was 19 and studying abroad in Cape Town, South Africa when the accident happened

While I was walking across the street, a van ran into me at full speed.

It broke my femur, struck my head, and threw me into the opposing lane of traffic.  I don’t remember that myself, I heard it from others later.

I only remember opening my eyes to see a bright blue sky, rapidly being eclipsed by the people converging over me…


Riding the Rovos Rail; South Africa

Imagine, an extended rail trip that you might enjoy.  A voyage that doesn’t involve microwaved foods, short-tempered staff, and the ever-present soundtrack of snoring guests.  A journey that substitutes these negatives for filling meals, attentive employees, and personal space.

Imagine yourself along for the ride on the Rovos Rail.Continue

Colliding Oceans; Cape Town, South Africa

Imagine admiring the view of the bustling metropolis of Cape Town from the lofty cloudy heights of Table Mountain or sipping on a chilled glass of white wine in one of the regions many celebrated vineyards. Cape Town has a wide variety of exciting attractions and is must see for every tourist to South Africa.

The beginning

Cape Town is located in the Western Cape and is the legislative capital of South Africa. Today the city is the country’s most popular tourist destination and it was originally developed into a supply station for ships of the Dutch East India trading company. Jan van Riebeeck was responsible for establishing the first European settlement in 1652 with the building of the Castle of Good Hope and the settlement soon became the hub of the Cape Colony.

Today the city is home to an estimated 3, 5 million South Africans and it covers an area of 948 square miles (2, 455 square km).


Whale Watch the Garden Route; South Africa

Stand on the shore, look out towards the ocean, and tell me what you see.  Between your vantage point and the distance horizon, you might spot a few boats floating over the sea’s gentle waves.  But what’s that massive figure dipping above the waterline?

If you’re standing on the coast along the Garden Route, you can assume that the mysterious creature is a whale. Continue

Hike Drakensberg Mountains; South Africa

There are many ways to get out and experience nature, but none have the undisturbed organic feel of hiking.  Putting one foot in front of the other, without the reliance of any sort of machinery, truly integrates the participant with his/her surroundings.

And while day trips and afternoons spent walking certainly aren’t wastes of time, why not try hiking for many days?  Why not head to the Drakensberg Mountains?Continue