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Sightsee Marrakesh; Morocco, North Africa

Snake charmers, belly dancers and hawkers rubbing silver lamps is not just the stuff of children’s books and movies – it and can be found in the heart of Marrakesh.

A city where symmetric grid systems are abandoned in favor of twisting alleys bursting with a cacophony of donkey’s braying and hawkers selling; where red-sand buildings hit a stark contrast against the vibrant blue sky, Marrakesh is every bit as exotic as it sounds and even more rewarding for sightseers who plunge into the depths of the city’s sights. Continue

Cycle the Atlas Mountains; Kasbah Tamadot, Morocco

With its highest peak towering up 13,671 feet (4,167m) the Atlas Mountain range is monumental, stretching across the northern region of Africa, through Tunisia, Algeria, and Morocco.

Acting as a land barrier between the hot arid Sahara Desert and the Atlantic and Mediterranean coastlines, the Atlas Mountains are populated mainly by indigenous Berbers.

Home to the Toubkal National Park, the mountains are rich with vast and diverse displays of flora and fauna. Many endangered species exist within the mountains landscapes, including the Barbary Macaque, Barbary Stag, Cuvier’s Gazelle, Dippers, and the Northern Bald Iris.


Crafts & Comfort; Taroudannt, Morocco

Shopping is at its most thrilling in a foreign market.  It’s a battle against the vendor.  Costs raised for tourists.  Visitors trying to talk their way down to a reasonable price.  Language barriers hindering communication.

But the experience isn’t all negative.  There’s a chance to pick up souvenirs that you might not find anywhere else in the world.  There’s also the opportunity to integrate yourself into local culture.  Finally, there’s the thrill of a successful transaction.

And where better to get into the action than the Moroccan city of Taroudannt.


Windsurfing & Beaches; Essaouira, Morocco

In the laid back town of Essaoruira beaches aren’t just for sunbathing and sandcastles…

…there’s windsurfing, surfing, art, wood carving and much, much more. Continue

Camel Trekking in Morocco; Erg Chebbi, Morocco

Spending time in the Sahara Desert, you can take solace in the fact that you aren’t lost.  You aren’t wandering aimlessly, hoping to stumble across an oasis.  You aren’t begging for water as the sand grits in your teeth.

No, you have the opportunity to enjoy the expansive stretch of sand.  You can take a day trip, trekking, driving, or riding a camel, only to return to camp by nightfall.  You can enjoy the best of what Morocco has to offer.Continue