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Find the Perfect Beach; Mauritius

It doesn’t seem possible that such a small island would offer such an abundance of choices.  It seems unlikely that you would be able to satisfy each and every particular taste.

Whether you want white or brown, long or short, soft or rough, Mauritius has you covered.

Every visitor can have his or her preferred beach.  Of course I’m referring to beaches.  What were you thinking about?Continue

Vieux Grand Port; Mauritius

On a tropical island one might look beyond the nation’s history, towards the current status of resorts, beaches, and pleasure travel.  However, a small amount of digging will usually reveal a storied past full of occupations, settlements, and dark acts.

A trip to the Vieux Grand Port opens up a side of Mauritius that is too often forgotten.  Explore a site that has helped define a nation’s identity. Continue