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Discover the Truth About Medical Volunteer Work in Kenya…

Medical Volunteer

Kenya’s a popular destinations for volunteer work.


A number of volunteer organizations are based in Kenya and an even larger number of people in need of help.

And Lisa Harvey should know.

Lisa’s first medical volunteer experience was in Kenya at an HIV/AIDS clinic where she provided medical assistance to the people of Nairobi.

Since then she’s volunteered around the world – from Canada to Brazil – and share’s her insider tips for women considering volunteering as well…


How to Volunteer in Africa with Village Experience…

Volunteer in Africa

My journey to Kenya began as a Grad School backpacker in 2006…

Now, after more than 30 trips to this spectacular country, I am proud to call it my second home.  Kenya has captured my heart and with each return trip, I leave more and more of it behind.

I have read that,

You cannot leave Africa and then expect to be satisfied in ordinary living. You will have to continue doing extraordinary things, because you know what can be done in the world, and you know what you are capable of doing, and you know that, wherever you go, many lives will depend on your willingness to exercise your privileges and skills on their behalf.”  – Josh Ruxin 

To this I say, “Karibu Kenya” which translates to Welcome to Kenya.

To everyone who has ever thought of traveling to this country, you will be forever changed and forever grateful…


Step Back in Time; Lamu, Kenya

Imagine a tiny island off the eastern coast of Africa, and on that island, a town forgotten by time.

Altered by little except the rhythm of the tides and the quiet bustle of daily life, the island town of Lamu, Kenya appears much the same as it did when it was first established by the Swahili people before the 15th century. Continue

Trekking in the Kenya Central Highlands

If the outline of Kenya resembles a face in profile, the Kenya Central Highlands describe a small rectangular area just below the cheekbone. Through the center of the rectangle runs the Aberdares Mountain range, a north-south ridge that forms the eastern wall of the legendary Great Rift Valley. Continue

African Safari in Kenya

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Ok, maybe not bears, but in Kenya it’s easy to forget about them when you are gaping at a herd of elephants, hippos, buffalos and giraffes. And that’s just a speck of sand in the Sahara.

The sheer range of wild animals roaming free on the African Continent is simply astounding.

There is no place on earth quite like it, and when you see it for yourself, it changes you. It makes you nostalgic, but for what you will have to figure out for yourself…