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Venture Into the Past; Kumasi, Ghana

When you’re traveling, there are no days off.  Every moment is an experience.  Every destination is a story.  But sometimes putting yourself in uncomfortable positions can become overwhelming.  Sometimes you need a quiet day of exploration.

On such occasions, head to a place where you might be able to investigate culture and history.  Kumasi, Ghana has museums offer a subtle setting from which to learn about a nation.Continue

Elmina Castle; Ghana

It’s hard to comprehend the depths of human suffering that occurred in one of Africa’s most scenic regions.  It’s difficult to think that only a couple hundred years ago, such atrocities were possible.  It’s equally challenging to understand how a country has moved on towards something positive.

Enter the Elmina Castle to experience a truly sobering site.


Located on Ghana’s southern coast, the small town of Elmina is steeped in history.  Though the region has now developed to meet modern needs, it was originally established by the Portuguese in the 15th century.  Despite the site becoming a welcoming place for locals and foreigners alike, Elmina has a dark history of being used for the slave trade.

Rather than destroy the structures of a troubled past, local authorities have decided to showcase these landmarks as reminders of the atrocities that the Ghanaian people once had to endure.