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Malta Travel: Mediterranean Beach Bumming

Atlantis – a lost paradise with bright blue lagoons, crystal clear coves and miles upon miles of sandy coastline.

While Malta, may not be Atlantis it’s sure close to heaven. Lazy days spent on the beach, top notch diving in the warm sea, and a rich explorable history all around.Continue

Memories of an Empire; Gondar, Ethiopia

There is a quality in museums that leaves much to be desired. While images, displays, and artifacts can serve to educate visitors, the separation of information from its original location takes away from full historic immersion. To truly get an idea of an area’s origins, head to its historic sites.

With many ancient buildings going the way of the dodo, the opportunity to see such sites becomes increasingly rare. Fortunately, in Ethiopia’s city of Gondar, visitors can take a walk into a storied past.Continue

Tribes & Wildlife; Omo Valley, Ethiopia

A trip to the heart of Africa will likely contain both wildlife viewing and cultural experiences.  Unfortunately as modern society develops and drifts into isolated locations, these voyages become more artificial.  Tribal traditions become less about celebration and more about tourism.

Before these increasingly rare lifestyles disappear forever, make your way to Ethiopia’s Omo Valley.Continue

Simien Mountains National Park; Ethiopia

There are few places on earth where ordinary mortal travelers can come face to face with the shy, majestically horned walia ibex, an animal as spellbinding as a unicorn and almost as rare.

And this is only one of the breathtaking encounters that may take visitors by surprise in Simien Mountains National Park, a true wonder of the planet located in a pristine but accessible corner of the Ethiopian wilderness.Continue

Monolithic Churches; Lalibela, Ethiopia

Churches can lose their lustre as a trip wears on. While notable religious structures initially hold a certain appeal, their lavish designs and stained glass windows can gradually become old hat.

Travelers may begin to desire diversity in their churches. They may want more than pews and a steeple. For that, there are Lalibela‘s Rock-Hewn Churches.Continue