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A Cairo Travel Guide from Female Expat Catherine Litten…

It’s no shocker, Egypt has been in the news a lot this year…

With a second revolution that happened in just four days and the president out of power, the future of Egypt is a bit uncertain.

Which is exactly why it’s the perfect time to visit…

Solo female expat Catherine Litten says, “It is truly a great time to come to Egypt, because people seem to believe coming here is like placing yourself in a war zone. It’s not. You get the sites to yourself, you get to help a struggling economy, and you get even more of the famous Egyptian hospitality.”

Catherine shares her personal story living in Cairo – the capital of Egypt – including why she’s living in a high conflict zone, what female travelers can expect, and why it’s an opportune time to visit Egypt…


Great Giza Pyramids; Cairo, Egypt

Mummified corpses, tombs fit for kings and preserved souls may sound like the plot of an Indiana Jones movie, but it was the daily life of the ancient Egyptian civilization.

Three Pyramids of Giza

Left behind to archaeologists’ delight, the three pyramids of Giza are located on the Giza Plateau near Cairo. A contrast of ancient and modern, turn your back on the hoards of tourists and ignore the bustling commerce that has grown around the site to take in the wonder of the three largest Pyramids of GizaContinue

Thousands Have Hiked Mount Sinai Egypt… Why Not You?

Ever heard of a man named Moses?

Well… he just happens to be a prophet of God.

And imagine if you could retrace Moses’s footsteps as you scale Mount Sinai, Egypt and reach the breathtaking 360 degree views at the summit.

But first a word on Mount Sinai…

Mount Sinai is ensconced with biblical connotations, and is the place where Moses was summoned by God to receive the Ten Commandments.

These biblical laws – presented in two stone tablets – were to be for all of humanity to live by.

Christian or not, Mount Sinai is mentioned profusely in many religious scriptures and has become a sacred place of spiritual intrigue and pilgrimage… Continue

A Break in the Desert; Siwa Oasis, Egypt

A dry mouth, tired legs, and sunburned skin won’t stop you from plowing your way through the desert.  Without an end in sight, you continue to push on, beyond every mistrustful mirage.  But what is that up ahead?  A city in the sand?

Though you may not arrive at Siwa Oasis with film-like desert trudging, the ancient city’s appearance on the horizon will be a welcome sight to the weary traveler.


Cruise the Longest River in the World; Egypt

The Nile is the longest river in the world and quite possibly the most famous. There is no better way to see the Nile that up close and personal on a river cruise. A Nile River tours provides a unique experience and glimpse into river life and Ancient Egypt’s archaeological wonders.

About the Nile Cruise

Traditional feluccas, or boats, drift down the Nile River generally departing from Aswan and arriving in Luxor.

While the 134 mile (215km) journey might only take three hours by car, most river tours take three to four days to include several fun stops along they way.