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Canoe Safari the Okavango Delta; Botswana

You’re standing, with wobbly knees, in a rickety canoe.

With less than nine feet (3m) of elevation in front of you, the horizon lies miles away.

A crocodile eyes you warily; an elephant lazily munches grass nearby.

You’re smack in the middle of the Okavango Delta – the largest flood site in Africa, with the highest concentration of wildlife on earth.


Desert Safaris; Okavango Delta, Botswana

If you were to hear “tourism in Africa,” what would be your first thought?


Despite the idea being stereotypical and cliché, the wildlife in the Kalahari Desert is undeniable.

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up for a safari in the Okavango Delta.

Kalahari Desert

Located in Africa’s southern region, the Kalahari Desert covers a total area of just under 400,000 square miles (930,000km2). The expansive terrain of the sandy region crosses three nations, running through Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia.

As a testament to the perseverance of nature, wildlife continues to thrive in the harsh climate. Countless species can be witnessed frolicking in the wild as well as in game reserves. And where African animals exist, safaris aren’t far behind.


Chobe National Park; Botswana

Imagine sitting quietly at a waterhole in the African bush at sunset, watching the animals coming down to slake their thirst at the end of a blisteringly hot day.

This scene plays out daily at Chobe National Park in Botswana.

Chobe is the second largest national park in Botswana and boasts a wide abundance of wildlife and ecosystems that can be enjoyed on a typical African safari.

The park is divided into the plains of Serondela, the forests of the Chobe River, the Savuti Marsh and the swamps of Linyanti.