101 Travel Ideas to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Note: I originally wrote this article for GoAbroad and the feedback was so positive I had to share it directly with the Trekity community.  Enjoy! 

Traveling is expensive.

You have overpriced flights with hidden fees up the wazoo, money-hungry hotels that have the nerve to charge for WIFI, and restaurants that double their dinner prices for the exact same meal they serve for lunch.

But guess what?

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Having been on the road since 2009, I’ve wandered through Europe, the U.S., South East Asia, India, Nepal, Central America, and now South America and learned some surprising tips on how to sock away cash while exploring the world.

Here’s my secret list of 101 ways to save money on your next trip…


How to Negotiate Around the World Using These 7 Tips…

The iconic TV host – Cat Deeley – once said, “I don’t shop because I need something, I just shop for shopping’s sake.”

And the same goes for travelers…

Whether you’re shopping for souvenirs to take back home, want a gorgeous leather bag for yourself, or just want to walk around a new market, shopping is big business.

But no mater where you go , you’ll need to employ some crafty negotiating tips to get a good deal.

Luckily for you here’s seven tips on how to negotiate around the world…


How to Enrich Your Life Through Spiritual Retreats to Sacred Sites…

At one time or another through our journey of life, we have all felt like we are waiting to exhale: be it at a crossroads; searching for meaning and purpose; recovering from a death, divorce, empty nest syndrome or any big change that leaves us feeling disconnected, unbalanced, out of the flow, rooted in fear and questioning everything.

This is generally the state of mind that encourages us women to look for ways to escape.

Knowing that a girls night out or a week on the beach somewhere is not going to be enough to take that objective step back and transform us – we know that we need to go deeper, re-evaluate our lives, shift our perspective and focus on transforming our stressful circumstances.

One such solution is to embark on a transformational spiritual retreat to a sacred site.

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Transformation is the process of profound inner awakening and shifts us from one state of being to another. It generally begins when our experience of life is unacceptable and the need for change is greater than the fear of stepping out of our comfort zones.


The Ultimate Guide to Travel Tattoos…

Let’s face it…

Tattoos have become insanely popular in the last decade.

Just how popular?

About one fifth of all Americans have at least one.

But tattoos have a rich history in cultures around the world.  In tribal cultures, tattoos designated different achievement in life such as getting married, reaching adulthood, and celebrating hunting skills.  Sailor’s received travel tattoos for destinations they visited (for example, a dragon represented serving in China).

It’s no wonder that travel tattoos have become the new souvenir.  They remind us of the trips we took, adventures we had, lessons we learned, and people we met along the way.

So if you’re considering getting travel tattoos, then read on…


Fair Trade Products and Why They’re Important…

The rich smell of coffee fills the fresh morning air.

You walk over to the pot, pour a nice big cup, indulge and kick-start to your day.

But did you ever wonder who grew your delicious coffee?

Chances are it’s a farmer working and living under poor conditions.


Because there’s a middle man who gets a big paycheck for linking farmers with large companies who distribute their products to the masses.

But there’s a way to remove the middle man… Introducing fair trade products.

Learn more about fair trade products, organizations, tour companies, and the overall movement now…