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Seeking Travel Stories From Real Women Travelers

Share your travel story with the fastest growing community of women travelers!

We’re looking for women travelers who have amazing travel stories to tell about their adventures (and misadventures) from around the world.

Stories that:

  • are well written, nonfiction, and personal;
  • follow a theme (i.e. adventurous, hilarious, scary, thrilling); and
  • are educational, inspiring, or empowering.

These stories should guide the reader down a path of enlightenment in the same manner one experiences when they travel.

Have you:

  • been in danger and lived to tell the tale?
  • explored the furthest reaches of our Mother Earth?
  • gotten completely lost and felt the kindness of others?
  • been pushed outside your comfort zone?
  • discovered new cultures and expanded your world view?

If so, we want to hear from you – the modern day Sacajawea!

All submissions are welcome…

Submission Guidelines

Whether you’re a first time writer or professional journalist, if you’re a good story teller, chances are, we’ll be interested.

To submit your travel story, send us an email with:

  • Your name and current location;
  • Your travel story (600-1,500 words);
  • Two to three images of you traveling (600px wide), one feature image (700px wide by 250px high), and one profile picture (150px by 150px); and
  • A brief author bio with one link to your personal website and two social networks (if applicable).

Please read Why You’ll Love Partnering with Trekity for the benefits of partnering, reader demographics, website data and statistics.

Thanks and we look forward to reading your travel stories!


Featured image credit: Victor1558