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Comfortable Travel Gear for Women…

I love to travel.

But let’s face it ladies, packing can be a challenge.

Picture it:

All your clothing, shoes, travel gear, and documents sprawled out on the bed.  Then having to narrow down that HUGE pile to just a few essentials.

And the worst part…

Having to leave those sexy heels behind for the boring, but comfortable shoes that you know won’t destroy your feet.

Don’t stress.

I’ve compiled a list of nine essential travel gear items that works no matter where you travel and keep you comfortable too…

1. First Aid Kit

The last thing you need, is to be stranded overseas without your medicine. A first aid kit helps keep everything related to health and medicine one compact and easy to grab bag.  See our complete list of 25 Critical Things to Pack in Your First Aid Kit.

Credit Lasse C

2. Clothing

Here are nine pieces of essential travel clothes that never fail:

  • 4 pants/skirts,
  • 4 tops/blouses, and
  • 1 dress (for summer) OR 1 winter coat (for winter).

Pick clothes that are easily interchangeable and look good paired together.  Also, clothes that layer are great for winter travel.

3. High Quality, Comfortable Shoes

Now picking only a select few shoes is tricky.  Try to limit yourself to three pairs (one you’ll wear and two you’ll pack).

  • One pair should be a comfortable, but stylist shoe that you can walk around in comfortable or go out for dinner.
  • One pair should be a sandal (for summer) or boot (for winter).  Again, they must be comfortable.
  • One should be a good walking shoe.  If you can walk at least five miles on a city walking tour in them, they pass the test.

4. Scarf

Scarfs are amazing, versatile, light weight and compact.  You can throw one into your purse and use it for almost anything; a wrap, and shawl, a towel (in some cases).

  • If you are sightseeing in the summer and want to go inside a church, but you are wearing a tank top, a scarf can be used to respectfully cover up your shoulders.
  • If you are travelling in winter and decide to take a walking tour even though the weather is unbearably cold, a scarf can be used to protect the lower half of your face.

Long story short, bring a scarf.

5. Functional Purse

A purse is a comfortable and fashionable way to carry and organize your essential travel gear.  There are three key elements to a great travel purse.

The purse must:

  1. have an over-the-shoulder strap. This will help prevent a potential theft from grabbing it and running.
  2. have zipper pockets.  The more challenging it is to get into a purse, the more difficult it will be for someone to seal something from it.
  3. be able to fit all your daily belongings (i.e. water bottle, scarf, small snack, camera, wallet, sun glasses, etc.)

It’s a good idea to wear a money belt in addition to using a purse.  Keep just the daily amount of cash in the purse, and all other money and travel documents in the money belt.

6. Camera

Most women are faced with the difficult question, “Should I bring my bulky camera that takes great photos, my iPhone, or compact camera?”

  • The high-end camera is great for photos, but might be at risk of being damaged during travel or potentially stolen.
  • The low-end camera is compact and can easily fit into your pocket.
  •  iPhone takes good pictures and has great apps and can be used as a flashlight.

The decision is yours.

If you bring the high-end camera, make sure you have room in your bag so you don’t set it down.  If you have to set it down, chances are someone will steal it.

7. Travel Documentation

Bring your travel documents, including:

  • passports,
  • ID,
  • driver’s license
  • visas,
  • hotel info
  • flight info

Make copies of these documents and keep one in your purse, one in your luggage, and one in your money belt.  This will keep you nice and secure just in case something gets stolen or lost.

It’s also a good idea to email yourself copies of these travel documents AND the emergency numbers for your credit cards or traveler’s cheques.

8. A Sleep Sack

A sleep sack is a sleeping bag liner that protects your body from questionable beds.

Funny story…

I used to poke fun at my friend who traveled with a obnoxiously pink sleep sack. What wasn’t fun was returning home from our travels to find that another friend of ours had gotten bedbugs because she didn’t use a sleep sack.  I got lucky that time, but I learned a valuable lesson: always bring a sleep sack.

Sleep sacks take up almost no space and are pretty comfortable.  Even if you don’t use it, it’s there if you need it.

9. Journal

Last but not least on our travel gear list is a journal.

Journals are a great way to remember your travels forever.  When I travel someplace amazing and think, “I need to remember this forever.” I usually snap a photo and then jot down a note in my journal.

And a journal doesn’t have to be formal.

If you get directions from someone it helps to write them down. If you have an itinerary, write it down. Want to remember the name of that delicious restaurant you just ate at? Write it down. The list goes on and on and so will the memories.

And there you have it.

These are my nine essential and comfortable travel gear items that I pack for every trip.

What do you think?  Did I miss something?

Leave a comment below to share your tips…

About Sammey La Porta

Sammey La Porta is a Northern California native, recent graduate of the University of California Davis and former resident of Florence, Italy.  As a self described wanderer, adventurer, rock climber, rabbit owner and travel book hoarder, she writes for Trekity and her personal travel blog where you can follow her travel companion Filibuster, a tiny plush squirrel.


  1. Sleep sacks do not protect against bedbugs. They will just crawl inside from the top after being attracted by your breath. I used one in a highly infested hotel and woke up to find dozens huddled in the bottom inside corners of the sack. Luckily the sleep sack was light colored nylon so I could see them through the material. Best to inspect the bed before using.

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