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Testimonials: What Women Are Saying About Trekity…


“I really appreciate your site and the newsletters that you send. I love that it’s not all about the greatest (and priciest) hotels, or focused on exclusive beach clubs that only celebrities can visit. Instead there are photos of beautiful natural places, personal stories about treks or experiences in those locales, recommended hikes, and tidbits of information about our amazing world. There is always something to pique my interest, and I also love that the newsletters are fairly bite-sized. This site – more than any other – is keeping me in touch with my inner traveler and inspired to get back on the road again. Your site only brings me positive energy, hope and inspiration. I need that right now, so thank you!”
– Susanne Castellano, Bend, OR


“I have been following your blog for a while now and love the newsletter that comes to me! Great tips, short, sweet, and straight to the point! Love it!”
– Katy Schlegel


“I am an avid Trekity subscriber-my name is Taryn Lewis-Thomas and I am currently teaching ESL in South Korea. I get excited at a new Trekity email in my inbox-as it reminds me that there is always a new adventure to find & go explore. If not immediately, we can at least dream up the limitless possibilities. Thank-you for your continuous inspiration and tit-bits of information on different travell topics~always appreciated. Radiant Regards.”
– Taryn Lewis-Thomas


“You have the very best travel emails. I love that each one is different. I’m enjoying my subscription. Great job!”
– Melanie,


“I’m enjoying Trekity. I particularly like the spirit behind the posts. It’s carpe diem all the way, and that’s what I like too. I expect I will be enjoying Trekity for some time to come.”
-Wendy Dembeck,


“I really like the Trekity newsletters because they’re short, to the point, and usually I learn something really interesting that I can’t wait to tell other people. Trekity does a lot of interviews with inspiring women, and the interviews somehow make their awesome experiences seem closer to something that I could do if I wanted to. ”
– Heather Sinclair, 


“I am fairly new to Trekity and I love it.  I like especially the mix of scientific info and geographical and travel suggestions. Thanks a million for doing this!!!”
– Alex


“I am glad to be a subscriber to Trekity as I love reading about travelers’ past traveling experiences, which provides me with such informative plans for future travels.  Thanks again!”
– Ann Chee, California


“These emails are great!  Honestly, I love that it’s a bit of an escape from my desk, and I love that it’s given me some great ideas on my next adventures.  I also appreciate that there is variety in your emails – sometimes it’s a story, or a guide on how to do something, or awesome pictures!  It’s the one email blast I enjoy getting every day!”
– Claire Robison


“I like the simplicity of the post each time it comes as I can choose to read further about a potential future trip, an interesting fact grouping or someone’s experience; or I can just dismiss a travel topic that may not interest me. I also love that you took interest in my own travel story, which seemed insignificant until I was able to share it (and re-live it) by writing a post.”
Tanis Marshall, Edmonton, AB, Canada


“I don’t get to travel as much as I would like because of my current phase in life – family and work. Trekity helps me take trips without a passport. I enjoy the trivia and helpful information about exotic locales around the world.”
Bola Oyeyipo , San Antonio, TX,


Chelsey Allen“Since discovering Trekity, there is nothing else that compares! I love dreaming about new travel adventures, and Trekity fuels my imagination in less than 200 words. Getting daily inspiration, tips and creative angles on diverse travel destinations has alleviated my itchy feet – until I embark on the next adventure! Thanks Trekity :)”
– Chelsey Allen, Whistler, British Columbia


“When I discovered Trekity, I wasn’t sure if this would be different from other travel sites. As a travel writer, I appreciate the way information is presented and how the site is put together. This is a special site and I can’t wait to read the next post.”
– Wendy VanHatten


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