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Why You’ll Love Partnering with Trekity!


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By working with Trekity, you and your company will benefit from:

  • Dedicated Audience. is a community of women travelers who are passionate about travel and making the world a better place.  See our Website Data (listed below) for our rapidly growing visitors.
  • Marketing Experts. Trekity’s founders have been managing successful online websites since 2000 and are proficient in SEO, social media, conversion optimization, content generation, and business management.  They have taught classes at universities in the Bay Area on Internet Marketing and SEO and wrote Business In A Backpack: How to Build and Run a Profitable Business While You Travel the World
  • Travel Professionals.  With over three solid years traveling, Trekity’s founders are efficient and professional travelers.  Their hands-on travel experience has allowed them to travel easily, avoid potential problems, ask the necessary questions to maximize the overall experience.
  • Trusted Relationship.  Trekity has partnered with over 100 websites and values trusted relationships.  We believe in maintaining quality relationships with win-win outcomes for both parties.
  • Quality Content. There are over 900 pages of high-quality content on Trekity that inspires, educates and promotes travel to our readers.

Trekity Readers 

Demographic: Who they are…

  • Women
  • 25-44
  • Income of $100,000+
  • Caucasian
  • College educated
  • Athletic
  • Married (many single)
  • No kids
  • USA – 80%+, Canada, UK

Website, Newsletter and Social Media Data…

As of the end of Jan, 2014 Trekity data is as follows:

  • Visits: 27,213
  • Monthly Uniques: 25,109
  • Page Views: 34,417
  • Domain Authority: 38
  • Homepage Authority: 46
  • Page Rank: 3
  • Newsletter Subscriber (launched mid-September ’12): 1,335
  • Facebook Likes: 442
  • Twitter Followers: 786

Partnership Options

Trekity is continually looking to partner and  network with advertisers, tourism boards, sponsors, industry professionals, travel bloggers, and women who love travel.

There are several ways to partner with Trekity, including:

Please see below for specific information on each option.  If you have other ideas on how you’d like to partner with Trekity, please contact us with more information.


The Trekity community receives information through and our email newsletter.  In both cases, we review advertisement proposals to ensure they are in-line with our user experience.

Trekity currently accepts sponsored emails from companies with a passion for women and travel.  The email content should be between 100 to 200 words and may include one link within the email and two banner ads (Left: 125px x 400px, Bottom: 600px x 150px).  The email will be a broadcasted to all current Trekity subscribers and will state it’s a “Sponsored Email.”

Product Reviews

We continually reviewing high-quality products that will benefit our community of women who love travel. Products include (but aren’t limited to):

  • travel discounts,
  • travel gear and gadgets,
  • travel clothes and shoes,
  • travel guide books,
  • travel magazines, and
  • anything that meets the need of our readers.


Trekity believes effective sponsorships should engage the reader/customer, personalize the brand, and create a meaningful connection between the sponsor company and the reader/customer.

Trekity is continually seeking sponsors that share our values:

  • Providing the highest quality content for women around the world who love travel.
  • Satisfying and inspiring our readers.
  • Promoting travel through education.
  • Caring about our communities and environment.
  • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships.
  • Creating wealth through profits and growth.

Sponsoring with Trekity can increase brand awareness, traffic, customers, and likelihood of purchase. Trekity offers several options for sponsorships including:

  • banner advertising on,
  • product placement on,
  • sponsored posts (see above),
  • sponsored emails (see above),
  • give-aways and contests,
  • special events,
  • social media platform, and or
  • brand ambassadorship.

Press Trips

Trekity is continuously traveling and reviewing the tourism industry to provide our community with accurate information based on our user experience. All press trips must be in line with our market of active women who love travel.  We attend press trips to provide our community with a true report of the experience. We review press trip proposals to determine what we can provide in exchange for the trip.

The following are things we will consider providing:

  • Written reviews of the experience on Trekity.
  • Written reviews of the experience for your website.
  • Sharing the experience on social media.
  • Publishing photos on Trekity
  • Being interviewed.
  • Links to your company website.
  • Providing analytic data on published works.

We require the right to change the itinerary before or during the trip.  All financial expenses incurred during the trip must be covered, including but not limited to:

  • Flights
  • VISA and entry fees
  • Hotels
  • Transportation
  • Tips and gratuity
  • Taxes
  • Activities
  • Food
  • Internet

If you feel you would like to partner with Trekity, please contact us today.