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Beach Slacking; Khobar, Saudi Arabia

What goes better with a hot day than a swim in cool waters?

Think about that refreshing feeling of sinking below the surface and letting the clear seas wash away the heat.  Memories of searing landscapes drifting away with the tides.

Located to the east of the country and sitting on the coast of the Arabian Sea, Saudi Arabia’s city of Khobar provides ample opportunities to hang around the beach.  Some visits are free while others will cost a pretty penny.

Khobar Beaches

Public beaches are located all along the coast, ranging in size and facilities.  As a result of Arabian culture, beaches are divided between families and singles. Single men are not allow to attend family beaches.  Single women can not attend singles beaches.  Single women are allowed to attend family beaches.

Get it? Not really?

Well on we go!

Credit: marviikad Credit: marviikad

Half Moon Bay

The most popular beaches surrounding Khobar can be found along the shores of Half Moon Bay.  The region consists mostly of family beaches, while a trip further south will reveal the less populated singles areas.

Keep in mind that some of the beaches you may encounter are private.  Many of the sands are reserved for those working in the oil trade.  Others are kept for guests of local resorts.  Signs will help guide you in the right direction but good indicators of private beaches include picnic tables, beach umbrellas, and grills.

Once you’ve spent the day sitting lazily by the water, give your heart a start at the Prince Mohammad Bin Fahd Amusement Park.  The spot includes a series of rides and is highlighted by the moderately intimidating ‘typhoon’ roller coaster.

Credit: ActiveSteve Credit: ActiveSteve

Sunset Beach

If you’re feeling like busting the piggy bank, consider staying at the Sunset Beach Resort.  With a handful of awards, the resort is a popular destination for those with money to burn.

The beach stretches out for over a mile, offering guests a pristine destination for relaxation.  The family oriented resort offers a variety of programming for kids of all ages.

Credit: ActiveSteve Credit: ActiveSteve

Scuba Diving

Should you wish to strap on an oxygen tank and delve into the sea’s depths, there are a selection of diving centers to choose from.  Expert dives are available for those with experience and beginners will have the opportunity to learn the ropes in shallow waters.

When To Go

April through November offer ideal swimming conditions in Khobar for those who wish to take a dip in the Arabian Sea.


November temperatures will dip down to around 68°F (20°C) while highs in August will reach around 97°F (36°C). September is the only month where there will be significant rains.

Getting There & Around

The nearest point to fly in from is the Bahrain International Airport. From Muharraq take a direct bus to Khobar.

Average Costs

  • Mid-range accommodations: $130-160
  • Meal: $5-12
  • Beer: $1


  • Get some waterproof sunscreen so you don’t burn while your bathing.
  • Wear a veil while out about town as a woman.
  • Stick to swim trunks for males.


  • Mix up the singles and family beaches. They should be fairly obvious upon arrival.
  • Shake hands with women if you are male. The opposite applies if you’re female.
  • Go in the water with that skimpy bikini unless you’re at a western resort and others are doing it.

Fun Facts

  • Saudi Arabia is one of the driest countries in the world. Don’t miss the chance to get wet.
  • The official title of the nation is the ‘Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’.
  • Oil consists of 90% of the country’s exports.

Feature Image Credit: Pedronet


  1. Looks like a lovely place. Too bad the government is not promoting tourism.

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