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Empowering Women Series Interview Nominations…

Share your story with the fastest growing community of women travelers!

First off, thank you for your expressing an interest to be interviewed on  We are continually seeking women travelers who want to share their travels.

Secondly, please read Why You’ll Love Partnering with Trekity for the benefits of partnering, reader demographics, website data and statistics.

About the Empowering Women Series

Every week, Trekity interviews a woman traveler who has done something related to travel such as:

  • accomplished a personal goal,
  • moved abroad,
  • volunteered around the world,
  • broke world records, or
  • helped and inspired others.

The interview is published on Trekity under Empowering Women to inspire travel for our community of women travelers.

Nominations and Interviews

If you are OR know a woman who has a great story to tell that will inspire our community of traveling women, we want to hear about it!

1. Nominate yourself or a woman by contacting us with the following information:

2. Trekity will review the nomination and possibly request further info.

3. If the nominee is selected, they’ll be emailed 15 to 20 questions and asked for pictures.

4. Trekity will write an intro, format the interview and scrub it for publishing.  If the interviewee has a website or social media page, Trekity will include a link for additional info for our readers.

5. Trekity will send the interviewee a draft for approval before being published.

6.  The interview will be published on

So what are you waiting for?  Contact us today!


Featured image credit: Victor1558