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Write City Guides For Trekity’s Community of Women Travelers…

Let’s face it… most city guides are lackluster.


They’re written by travel writers, not locals.

But that all changes here.

Our city guides are written by local women FOR women travelers.

You’ll get the inside scoop and ultimate girlfriend getaway guide!

So share your insider secrets with our community of women travelers…

City Guide Instructions

Please download the City Guide Instructions (Word document) for complete instructions and the layout.

Replace all the words CITY with the city you’re writing about by hitting CTRL+F, clicking the Replace tab, entering Find what: CITY, and entering Replace with: the name of your city.

Fill in the blanks and underlined words for the introduction.

Answer all the questions, providing as much detail as possible.

Submit this completed document to info [at] trekity [dot] com along with the following images:

  • One featured image (670px wide x 200px high) of the city (and you if possible) that will display at the top of the guide.
  • Four to six images (600px wide) that relate to the city guide.
  • One head shot (250px wide).
  • If you’re unfamiliar with resizing images, please send the originals and we’ll resize them.

CITY Guide

My name is _____ and I lived in CITY, COUNTRY for DURATION.

CITY can best be described in these five words: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, and FIVE.

Women should consider visiting CITY because _____________________________________________________________.


How do you get to CITY?


What’s the best way to get around CITY?


What’s the best time to visit CITY?


What are the different districts/areas of CITY and can you tell us a little about each?


What advice can you give women about what to pack for their time in CITY?


What is the most common misconception about CITY (and why)?


Is there a gender divide in CITY? What can women travelers expect?


Are there any culture shocks women should expect in CITY?


What are three things every woman must do in CITY?


What’s the most over-rated thing to do in CITY?


What’s the most traditional meal that every woman should try in CITY? Please add details on what’s in it.


What’s your favorite restaurant AND bar in CITY and what do you order?


Where’s the best photo opportunity in CITY?


Where’s the best place to go shopping and what’s the best gift or souvenir to buy?


What’s the best outdoor activity in CITY?


What’s the best indoor activity in CITY?


What do you do to get off the tourist trail?


What other advice or tips can you give women considering visiting CITY?


Any other thoughts or advice for our women readers?



What did you think about this CITY guide?

Join the discussion and leave your comments, tips, and personal experiences in the comments below.


The author bio should be two to three sentences and explain why you’re an expert on your city.  You can include one reference to your personal website and two references to your social networks.