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100+ Travel Tips for Women

Us girls gotta stick together, right?

So I’m sharing my ULTIMATE list of travel tips for women.

I’ve traveled the world consecutively for over two years (and counting) and have learned some valuable and hard lessons along the way.

For instance, I’ve

  • nearly burned down a hotel in France when my curling iron caught fire,
  • duck-taped my shoes together because a size 10 is unheard of in Asia, and
  • started blankly at a squat toilet wondering what to do with the bucket and cup?!?!

Believe me, it’s been an educational journey.

So to help keep you safe, healthy, beautiful, and traveling here’s a list of over 100 travel tips for women…

Oh, and if I missed something please leave a comment below.  I’ll add it to the list to help fellow women travelers.


101 Travel Ideas to Save Money on Your Next Trip

Note: I originally wrote this article for GoAbroad and the feedback was so positive I had to share it directly with the Trekity community.  Enjoy! 

Traveling is expensive.

You have overpriced flights with hidden fees up the wazoo, money-hungry hotels that have the nerve to charge for WIFI, and restaurants that double their dinner prices for the exact same meal they serve for lunch.

But guess what?

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Having been on the road since 2009, I’ve wandered through Europe, the U.S., South East Asia, India, Nepal, Central America, and now South America and learned some surprising tips on how to sock away cash while exploring the world.

Here’s my secret list of 101 ways to save money on your next trip…


An Oregon and California Road Trip To Remember…

It’s no shocker that long-term travel can smolder relationships – especially with family.

And I admit, traveling for over two years has taken a toll.

So when the opportunity arose to take my 17 year old niece and recent high school grad on a road-trip up the California coast, I jumped all over it!

And being a TOTALLY awesome aunt [insert snarky remark] with a travel website, the pressure was on…

So I put my planning into high gear and put together a wicked itinerary filled with glass beaches, fern canyons, and thy favorite Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

“Though she be but little, she is fierce!” –  William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Here’s our five day itinerary of our Oregon and California Road trip…


A Chilling Interview with Arctic Explorer Matty McNair…

She loves a good challenge.

Matty McNair is an American explorer who relocated to the Canadian Arctic for her love of the wilderness and dog sledding.

Here expeditions and records are endless…

  • The first Canadian woman to ski to both the North and South Poles.
  • Led the first women’s expedition to the Geographic North Pole.
  • Led an expedition across Ellesmere Island.
  • Led four ski expeditions to the South Pole.
  • Kite-skied and dog sled across the Greenland Ice Cap with her children Sarah and Eric.
  • Led a ski expedition to the South Pole with her children Sarah and Eric – who now hold the record for the youngest to ski to the South Pole.
  • Holds the world record for the fastest to the North Pole, using dogs and skiis, in 36 days; proving that Peary could also reached the North Pole in 1909.

But her true passion is sharing her love of the Arctic through her company NorthWinds – that specializes in Polar Training, Dog Sledding and Polar Expedition.

But don’t take my word for it…

Experience life in the Arctic wilderness through Matty McNair in this interview…


Why Do You Travel? 13 Life Changing Trips for Women…

I’ve met all types of travelers over the years.

From women who love the open road, to businesswomen traveling for work… travel is different for everyone.

But why do you travel?

Learn why women around the world travel and how you might want to travel in the future…