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Hungary’s Best Kept Secret…

Love getting pampered?

Want a movie star life, but cringe at the cost?

Thankfully Hungary, a thermal rich country, has Budapest spas where you can enjoy days of luxury, for pennies on the dollar.

Budapest spa tickets start from $7 and massages start from $15…


Great Hikes; Corsica, France

The birthplace of Napoleon has a chip on its shoulder.

Its magnificent mountains cover two-thirds of the island and seem to be posturing in defiance as if to say “Who dares trample over my peaks and plateaus?”

While it’s not overwhelmingly tall, it’s terrain is notoriously grueling to cover, making it one of the greatest hikes in Europe.Continue

Seaside Rendezvous; Crimea, Ukraine

Have you ever wanted to know where Russian Billionaire’s spend their holidays?

The answer is Crimea Ukraine’s diamond shaped peninsula with an island like feel in the Black Sea.

There is no wonder why they come here to relax.

Stunning mountains, warm waters and long summers make it heaven on earth. Continue

Hiking in Liechtenstein Country

Liechtenstein is one of those rare countries in the world that you could pass right through it without even noticing.  But not because it isn’t beautiful.  It’s actually a country with incredible and unspoiled alpine scenery.  Yet, it doesn’t have a noticeable border and it’s tiny.

So small you could walk across it in several hours. Which is exactly what you should do.Continue

Discover the World’s Largest Ice Cave – Eisriesenwelt

Eisriesenwelt is German and means “The World of Ice Giants.”

It looks like it came straight out of a science fiction novel.

Even before you start the steep ascent up the bare, craggy mountain face, you see it…

A giant hole that looks like the entrance to a dragon’s lair.

The locals refused to go into it for centuries, believing it was the doorway to hell.

From the outside, it’s easy to see why…