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Founded in 2012, is a website and daily newsletter for women who love travel.  Our mission is to inspire women to travel and vision to be the most trusted, respected and used resource for women who travel.

We Pride Ourselves On…

  • Providing the highest quality content for women around the world who love travel.
  • Satisfying and inspiring our readers.
  • Promoting travel through education.
  • Caring about our communities and environment.
  • Creating ongoing win-win partnerships.
  • Creating wealth through profits and growth.

Why Trekity Is Different…

  • Our daily tips inspire women to travel!  You’ll learn something helpful and interesting in less than 200 words so you don’t have to read a novel.
  • All content is written with your interest in mind.  It’s high quality and relevant.
  • We’re the only daily newsletter for women who travel.
  • We practice what we preach.  We’re constantly traveling, writing, and sharing our experiences and knowledge gained along the way.
  • Our community of women love us!  Just read some testimonials.

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