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Mary’s No-Nonsense Guide of Things to do on Oahu…

things to do in oahu

Pop quiz:

What Hawaiian Island is known as “The Gathering Place“, is the third largest Hawaiian Island, and is home to the Honolulu International Airport?

  • A. Kaui
  • B. Hawaii (aka The Big Island)
  • C. Oahu
  • D. Maui

Answer: Oahu.

That’s right.

With well-known features such as Waikīkī, Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, Hanauma Bay, Kāneʻohe Bay, Kailua Bay, and North Shore, there are tons of things to do on Oahu.

And Mary Hickcox should know.

Mary spent six months on Oahu, knows the island as both a tourist and local, and shares her insider secrets on things to do on Oahu…


New Zealand Travel Secrets from Anne’s Ultimate Road Trip…

new zealand travel

What do you know about New Zealand? Lemme guess… New Zealand is primarily made up of two main islands, the North Island and South Island; New Zealand’s indigenous people are known as the Maori; New Zealand was where the Lord of the Rings was filmed; New Zealand has unique animal and plant life due to it’s isolation; and New Zealand is home […]


How to Volunteer in Africa with Village Experience…

Volunteer in Africa

My journey to Kenya began as a Grad School backpacker in 2006… Now, after more than 30 trips to this spectacular country, I am proud to call it my second home.  Kenya has captured my heart and with each return trip, I leave more and more of it behind. I have read that, “You cannot […]


Things to do in Buenos Aires by Ana Astri-O’Reilly…

Things to do in Buenos Aires

Eva Peron from Evita once said: “What’s new, Buenos Aires? I’m new! I wanna say I’m just a little stuck on you.“ And you will be stuck on Buenos Aires too! Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city of Argentina, and the second-largest metropolitan area in South America. Known for its European-style architecture, rich cultural […]


South America Travel: Heidi’s Life-changing Walkabout…


Not too long ago, Heidi was a thirty-something, married, globetrotting professional who seemingly had it all. Then, in one fell swoop, a tree limb knocked her out cold, breaking her neck, and stopped her hectic juggling act of a successful career, marriage, and life instantly. During a slow, yearlong recovery, Heidi lost her career and […]